How to Make it as an Artist: Zachary Aronson

We are all familiar with self-defeating phrases such as starving artists and struggling artists. Why are artists always depicted as having a tough time? Most people find art fascinating, so why would artists be starving or struggling? Zachary Aronson, a successful freelance artist is going to provide us with some insight and help steer us in the right direction to becoming more self-sufficient artists. 

Digital Media and Art

Zach explains, “The art world has transformed dramatically in the last 2 decades. The rise of the internet and social media has and continues to offer artists the opportunity to share their work directly with the world.” So, it’s not because the artist’s work is too accessible? Zach answers, “No, art galleries are still the gatekeepers to certain areas of the art world, but have been forced to adapt to the rapidly changing climate.” He continues, “In the future, I believe that the art world will continue to trend towards the digital world as consumers have the ability to interact directly with their favorite artists for more personal experiences with the artists they admire and collect.”

Zach’s Art Work and Success

Zach offers artwork created with fire, utilizing a unique medium that he has developed over the last 10 years.  While he focuses on portraits and figurative work, he is able to create any type of imagery that the client can imagine. In addition to having a large body of artwork that clients are able to choose from, he offers custom commissions.  All his portraits are created freehand, from life, with fire. Clients are able to visit his Los Angeles studio for portraits or he can travel all around Southern California, or beyond.  

He also offers services as a mural artist. He is able to create my artwork on any wood surface, no matter how large, including interiors and exteriors of buildings. I also offer my services as a live artist. 

Zach expands on his services, “Clients can hire me for events such as galas, parties, concerts, festivals, and more. I can either bring my own model and burn their portrait from start to finish during the duration of the event, create custom imagery relevant to them, or be more interactive and do small portraits of guests at the event.” He continues, “With an MFA in set design from the California Institute of the Art, I also design and build immersive installations out of my artwork.  With proper space and resources, I can create installation sculptures that can double as sets for theater, dance, and music productions as well as other various special events.”

How Success is Measured

For Zach success is freedom. He explains, “Monetary success merely offers me the ability to invest more into my art, to create larger artwork, and to continue having more engaging experiences.” What about people that want to make a name for themselves? “Notoriety offers me opportunities to share my work on a global scale and to create artwork for and in more notable environments so that it can be appreciated by more people. I feel that true success occurs when an artist has the ability to have full creative freedom with what they create and has the resources to create and share whatever they dream of with the world.”

Advice for Other Artists

Zach ends by saying, “Always do what you love. Across all fields, people are drawn towards your excitement and energy.  Find something that you are both passionate about and are uniquely or especially skilled at and build your business around that.”

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